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Pentair FreshPoint 2-Stage Drinking Water System

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Enjoy safer and more delicious water for cooking and drinking with the Pentair FreshPoint two-stage filtration system. This system is NSF Certified for the reduction of chlorine and lead, and will dramatically reduce a massive list of many other drinking water contaminants. The two-stage design incorporates sediment and carbon filtration elements, and Pentair's "Click and Enjoy" system means effortless and tidy cartridge changes.

This system is designed to be installed under your kitchen counter and delivers filtered water to a dedicated faucet. The system ships complete with all required hardware, including the faucet.


Tech Specs

  • Flow rate = 0.6 gpm
  • Cartridge capacity = 675 gallons (2555 Litres) or 12 months 
  • Water pressure range = 40/100 psi
  • For use on microbiologically safe water only

In the Box

  • 1 x 2-Stage system with filter cartridges
  • 1 x lead-free drinking water faucet 
  • 1 x installation hardware kit
  • 3/8" (white and blue plastic tubing)